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Learn about the Vapo- Valve

 Keep the nutrients in your cooked foods with the Vapo Valve technology.

that’s all you need to know!”

The Saladmaster Solutions Cookware features the patented Vapo Valve, which takes the guesswork out of cooking. When the temperature inside reaches the desired temperature for preparing foods without harming the nutritional aspects, the Vapo Valve begins to click, alerting you to turn down the temperature. No need to open the lid or stir the food to prevent scorching or burning. The convenient Vapo Valve eliminates the need for stirring or constant “pot-watching.”

Semi-Vacuum and Heat Distribution

Most people believe that the quality of a pan depends on its weight. It’s not the weight that determines the quality or performance of the pan, it’s how quickly the pan heats up, how well it holds the heat, and how well it distributes the heat.

Most name brand products on the market today have layers of heat conducting alloys on the bottom of the pan only. This means you either have to constantly stir your food or use water to circulate the temperature. People often become frustrated with traditional pots and pans because food sticks and burns at the bottom where the heat source is. Saladmaster cookware is designed with a thermo-core that distributes the heat evenly across the bottom and up the sides, allowing your food to cook faster while at a lower temperature without the need of stirring. After the Vapo Valve clicks and the element is turned to low, the air inside the pan “shrinks,” creating a semi-vacuum on top of the stove. In most cases, this cuts cooking time in half and turns every pan into a mini oven on top of the stove, meaning even baking is possible!

Why does the Vapo Valve™ click as soon as I turn the heat on under a covered pan? Because some of the heat or moisture in the pan is causing this reaction- its not at the 180-187° F (86° C), dont turn down yet.

Should I lower the heat at that time? No

The Vapo Valve™ is designed to click when the food or liquid inside the pan reaches approximately  180-187° F (86° C).

Occasionally, slow clicking begins before the pan has been exposed to the heat long enough to reach that level. When that happens, proceed as you would without the premature click. The click should stop as the heat rises. Once the temperature hits approximately 180- 187° F (86° C), the Vapo Valve™ will click again. This time, the click will be more rapid and insistent, and it is time to reduce the heat to low.

If the cover does not spin easily, the temperature setting may be to low- increase the setting.

• If the steam escapes from around cover, the temperature setting is too high- reduce the setting.

• If vapo valve continues to click after reducing heat to the lowest setting, a flame tamer or heat diffuser may be needed. 

• If the vapo valve isn’t clicking? To insure you have a seal put cover on the pan, pour a few tablespoons of water on top of the cover and spin the lid, the water will run off the cover down to rim to help create a seal.

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