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Our passion for nutrition and healthy eating has driven us from the beginning,
and continues to drive us into the future (Foodture).

Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything Foodture stands for.
We’re so happy to work in a field that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.



Authorized Senior Dealer, Nutritionist, Chef

Foodture CEO & vegan cookbook author.

Isis is an Nutritional Instructor for PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit health organization that promotes preventive medicine. She also holds a certification from the Ecornell program, which focuses on how to prevent, reverse disease through eating a whole foods plant-based diet. She is dedicated to teaching healthy eating, & proper food preparation at her bi weekly cooking classes. She would love to share her knowledge and cook for you!



Distributor, Trainer & Team Leader

Foodture Chef, nutritional instructor,  accomplished professional dancer & creator of Metamorphosis Ballet. Marlowe Bassett has been a valued member of our team for over 7 years. She is a key part of our organization, assuring we provide high quality demonstrations and education. Insuring that our customers receive a delightful and professional experience. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without this knowledgeable & trusted representative. Schedule a demo with Marlowe, she would love to cook for you!



Distributor, Team Leader & Nutritionist

Nutrition coach & Foodture chef Shelley Lewis graduated from Bauman College, where she studied the latest research in nutritional science & holistic medicine. She also holds a certification from the Ecornell  Plant Based Nutrition Program, She brings her captivating  personality and skillful experience into her cooking demonstrations & health coaching work. Schedule a demo with this passionate representative, she would love to cook for you. More about Shelley



Distributor, Team Leader, Foodture Chef

This Distributor has been a gem shinning bright in our team from the beginning. Suzie’s professional background is in holistic dental hygiene but her passion for health comes from seeing firsthand the healing power of foods. She reversed her high cholesterol through diet alone and has helped many people see health benefits from eating the same way. She is a lover of all things natural and looks forward to sharing her experience, fun and passion with you at your upcoming healthy cooking demo. ️ Reach out to Suzie!



 Consultant, Nutritionist, Foodture Chef

Paula is a Foodture Chef



Office Manager

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful Office Manager as part of our staff. When Jeff Underwood joined us, we knew we made a terrific staffing decision, and we haven’t been disappointed since. Jeff is the key part of assuring we provide high quality assistance and that our clients receive top-notch customer service. If you have any question about Foodture, he is the guy with the answers. Don't hesitate to contact Jeff.



Senior Consultant, Foodture Team Trainer




Trainer, Sue Chef

This Foodture representative has been with us since the beginning. Teaming up with Isis for over 15 years, Taylon ensures our customers have a professional experience in the home. His expertise training is key in helping our new associates on their new career journey. A valued team member that brings a  genuine sense  of fun and warmth in all he does.

Get in Touch


Consultant, Foodture Chef

Hannah Romanowsky is a professional dancer and teacher, joyfully devoted to helping people feel better in their bodies and increase the quality of their lives.  Looking for a new way to be of service, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to turn her passion for cooking into a career when introduced to Saladmaster in 2019.  Hannah is delighted to share the virtues of healthy cooking and eating as a source of nourishment, relaxation, creativity, and community. She will dance you around the kitchen with her enthusiasm.

We are overjoyed to have Julie as one of our  Foodture Chefs. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach Practitioner. She was part of Cooking Matters Program where she taught simple, healthy cooking, nutrition, food safety.  She facilitates dance therapy classes & practices as an Aroma Touch Massage Therapist.  We know she will bring a sense of discovery and delight into your kitchen. Reach out to book a cooking class with Julie!



Senior Consultant




Consultant, Foodture Chef



Senior Consultant, Foodture Chef

Lisa Zapata has a background in child  education and community activism. After having endured her own health issues and loss, she set on a life’s mission to learn and incorporate wellness practices in her life and to teach others. When she was introduced to Saladmaster, Lisa immediately saw the value in the information that toxin-free cookware is something every body needs.  She knew she had to share this knowledge of how the Saladmaster cooking system maintains the integrity of food and can help us lead our best lives. 

Lisa teams up doing cooking demos with her son Zack, who works as sous chef.   Together they offer in-home and virtual cooking demos to their community.  Lisa loves that her son is learning young how to eat to thrive and cook amazing delicious nutrition packed meals.   She is so eager to infuse a love for nutrition in the youth, that she created a Saladmaster Kids Cooking class in her home.   Lisa knows that when children are part of the cooking experience, they will be open to eating more diverse flavors and foods!

Working with Saladmaster has given Lisa the opportunity to not only change her and her sons lives for the better, but to help others change their lives! Lisa & her son Zack are an amazing team.



Senior Consultant, Foodture Chef, Health & Wellness Coach

We are thrilled to have this passionate and talented lady on the team A little bit about Katie : She had a 16 year career in Sales and Marketing in the Fashion and Jewelry Industries, and 9 years as a Real Estate Broker, Katie left the corporate world and shifted her focus to become a Certified Coach to passionately help women to discover their own Entrepreneurial Genius and express it to the world ~ which was a joyful 10 year journey. “And now, with an equal measure of passion, "I have shifted my focus to being a part of the Foodture Team to help people  fall in LOVE with their kitchens again to discover a healthier lifestyle with quick and delicious recipes, processes and tools.  I would love to cook for you!" ~ Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Hippocrates 


Consultant & Nutritionist

Lacy Catao is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist. She feels fortunate to support others in achieving their nutrition goals. After starting a family, she decided to advance her education in the field of nutrition, specifically whole food, plant-based living. Lacy connected with the idea that solid nutrition forms the cornerstone of achieving and maintaining excellent health. It was this discovery that fueled her passion for evidence-based nutrition and inspired others in her family to pursue healthy lifestyle changes. 



Consultant, Foodture Chef

Hello! My name is Tobiah and I love to cook! It feeds (see what I did there?) my passion for supporting children and families. Nutrition and health are critical to the healthy and successful development of children and their families, so I do all I can to support that.
I live in the Central Oregon area as part of the Foodture team. I will come to your home, work, or screen to support you in making food selections, kid friendly meal preparations, and cookware choices that will positively impact your family for years to come!


Our dedicated team members are available to help with all of your needs.

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