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Inspiration in the Kitchen

Since 2005, Foodture has been offering cooking classes for their customers twice monthly at the Windsor location in Sonoma County, 1st class is a beginner class designed to help the new client with cooking techniques using their Saladmaster Cooking System. The 2nd class is a 100% Plant-Based cooking class teaching creative vegan allergy free recipes. Foodture also offers once a month cooking classes in  Napa County.

In March Foodture started steaming virtual live cooking classes on Facebook serving customers to make the most out of their homebound experience by learning new skills in the kitchen. Foodture chefs will continue to offer  these “Cook- a-Long” virtual cooking classes for customers as a free service to inspire new healthy ideas, sharing recipes that their clients can make at home that are easy, delicious, & quick to whip up for their families meals.  These classes are designed to enhance culinary skills, help utilize and teach how to use the Saladmaster cooking systems.  No matter your culinary experience, you can have fun watching our class that can make your time at home a much more enjoyable experience. Class schedules and recipes are emailed to our customers via our newsletter.

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