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Using your cookware in the oven.

Instructions for baking, roasting or broiling: The Versa Loc™ handles allow you to use your cookware in the oven to bake, roast or broil. Simply remove the Versa Loc™ handles and the pans are safe for oven use. When broiling, place oven rack in the center section of the oven before inserting your cookware. Use pot holders when removing the pan from the oven. Once the cookware is safely removed from the oven, simply attach Versa Loc™ handles and transport the meal to your table for serving. The handles and knobs of your Saladmaster cookware are oven-safe in pre-heated temperatures up to 350° F
(177° C).
If you choose to use your handles during low temperature baking, make certain oven is completely pre-heated before inserting your cookware. Oven temperatures often spike during the pre-heat period which may cause damage to your handles and knobs. 


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