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Pan- Fried Tofu

Any food you want browned and crispy you always preheat the pan.


Pan Fried Tofu

1 pkg water packed tofu ( sliced)

a little oil for the pan - to make the tofu slightly crispy

Tamari (soy sauce) & Nutritional yeast for seasoning

what cookware is best? The gourmet skillets, 11 inch skillet or the square griddle (You also can choose to use the electric skillet at 350 degrees).

Pre-Heat pan to medium high heat – (check to see if the pan is hot by doing the beaded water test)  add some spray oil or coconut oil to heated pan.

Add tofu slices to hot pan and let sear for 8-10 mins until the sear has released then turn over and repeat sear.  Season with Tamari & Nutritional Yeast.

Benefits of Tofu  & Soy

No Debate: Soy is Beneficial to Health

by President - Neal Barnard, MD, FACC

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