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Minimum Moisture Cooking

With the Saladmaster Minimum Moisture cooking method, every meal you prepare provides the maximum nutritional value. Foods retain more of their color, flavor and nutrients—naturally. And, it makes preparing all of your favorite dishes faster and easier.

This cooking method works by converting the water into vapor, which cooks the food in a vacuum.

Listen for the clicking of the vapo-valve. When the valve clicks, reduce heat to low so that the clicking stops. Cook according to recipe instructions or desired doneness.

Although your cookware can be used for all types of cooking, it is especially designed for low moisture cooking known as waterless cooking. The low moisture method is a unique way of cooking foods at lower temperature settings in their own natural moisture.
What is a water seal?
Each utensil has been specially designed to form a water seal with its cover. This seal is the relationship between the cover and the utensil when the food in the utensil is cooking at the right temperature. The seal prevents vapor from escaping and the moisture drops back into the pan to thoroughly baste foods as they cook.

​All you need to know is  Medium- Click – Low. To form a water seal, begin by heating utensil on medium heat with cover in place. When vapo valve clicks reduce heat to the lowest temperature setting. You know the water seal has been formed when the vapo valve stops clicking and the lid will spin easily if the knob is turned.

This is a method of cooking in which the food is prepared in an environment that is almost entirely waterless. The natural juices present in the food in the form of fats and water are used to cook the food instead of adding grease or extra water.

In some situations, you may need to add water to the food being cooked but only use a very small quantity. Foods like vegetables can be cooked in their natural juices, therefore you do not need to add more water, Some vegetables like broccoli or what we called encapsulated vegetables might need a few Tablespoons of water to help make a vapo valve seal. On the other hand, foods like rice and other dry foods require water to get them cooked.

As the heat increases, the liquid in the cookware starts to vaporize. When you rinse your food before placing it in the cookware, there will be enough water left on the food to produce this vapor, which in addition to the natural juices in the food, will ensure the food is properly cooked. As long as you keep the cookware covered, your food will get cooked without extra water.

• If the cover does not spin easily, the temperature setting may be to low- increase the setting.

• If the steam escapes from around cover, the temperature setting is too high- reduce the setting.

• If vapo valve continues to click after reducing heat to the lowest setting, a flame tamer or heat diffuser may be needed. 

• If the vapo valve isn’t clicking? To insure you have a seal put cover on the pan, pour a few tablespoons of water on top of the cover and spin the lid, the water will run off the cover down to rim to help create a seal.

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