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Medium- Click- Low
Semi-Vacuum Cooking

After I’ve lowered the heat and the seal has formed, can I lift the lid?
Yes. After replacing the lid, spin it so that the Vapo Valve™ clicks, indicating that it has resealed. If it does not, increase the heat until the valve clicks, then reduce heat to low.

All you need to know is MEDIUM – CLICK – LOW!
To form a water seal, begin by heating utensil on medium heat with cover in place. When Vapo Valve™ clicks, reduce heat to the lowest temperature setting. You know the water seal has been formed when the Vapo Valve™ stops clicking and the lid will spin easily if the knob is turned.


When you reduce the heat the semi-vacuum is formed and the food will cook faster.

Tips for forming the water seal:

  • If cover does not spin easily, the temperature setting may be too low — increase the setting.

  • If steam escapes from around cover, the temperature setting is too high — reduce the setting.

  • If Vapo Valve™ continues to click after reducing heat to the lowest temperature setting, a flame tamer or heat diffuser may be needed. This can be found in many retail stores.


BEGINNER’S TIP To become better acquainted with minimum moisture cooking, you may wish to add 2 tablespoons of water to utensil initially. Then gradually decrease the amount of water added until you are cooking by the natural
moisture method.

Minimum Moisture COOKING Although your cookware can be used for all types of cooking, it is specially designed for low moisture cooking — also known as “waterless” cooking. The low moisture method is a unique way of cooking foods at lower temperature settings in their own natural moisture.
Little or no additional water is required!

What is a water seal? Each utensil has been specially designed to form a “water seal” with its cover. This seal is the relationship between the cover and the utensil when the food in the utensil is cooking at the right temperature. The seal prevents vapor from escaping and the moisture drops back into the pan to thoroughly baste foods as they cook.

Note: Vitamins and minerals break down when exposed to temperatures above 200ºF. with Common cooking practices such as boiling (212ºF); steaming (232ºF) and microwaving the foods (400ºF) can substantially reduce the vitality of your food.

Semi-vacuum is a very healthful way to cook food. Food cooked the Semi-vacuum way is a reduced oxygen environment with little added water and cooked at low temperatures.
The three elements- heat, oxygen and water, most responsible for reducing the nutritional content of conventionally prepared foods are of much lesser scale in semi-vacuum style cooking.

Cooking in a vacuum, oxidation is significantly reduced, preserving the qualities of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moisture and flavors are also preserved in the same manner. Cooking semi-vacuum is all about using less of everything- fat, oil, salt, spices and water, this all translates into foods with more retained natural minerals and essential vitamins.

“As with all foods, freshness and minimal processing intervals greatly affect the nutritional profile. Food  items prepared using semi-vacuum highlight fresh textures and lively flavors, making healthful food more interesting to consume. Because dishes are richer in taste, semi-vacuum cooking appeals to the palate, while still maintaining valuable nutritional properties of fresh, wholesome foods.”

Cooking at lower temperatures for a shorter time is the essence of semi-vacuum cooking and has many benefits:
• Foods retain their natural moisture better, shrink less and make more tender.
• Natural flavor, color and aroma are retained for better sensual values.
• Healthy minerals and vitamins are not destroyed during semi-vacuum cooking process.
• Recipes can be easily repeated with consistent results.Reduce food costs - less food wastage, better yield due to less food shrinkage, better   utilization of food ingredients including tougher cuts of meats
• Reduce costs – semi-vacuum cooking simply requires less energy to cook and make kitchen environment cleaner and cooler.

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