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How to Cook Vegetables & Fruits

Although your cookware can be used for all types of cooking, it is especially designed for low moisture cooking known as waterless cooking. The low moisture method is a unique way of cooking foods at lower temperature settings in their own natural moisture.
What is a water seal?
Each utensil has been specially designed to form a water seal with its cover. This seal is the relationship between the cover and the utensil when the food in the utensil is cooking at the right temperature. The seal prevents vapor from escaping and the moisture drops back into the pan to thoroughly baste foods as they cook.

​All you need to know is  Medium- Click – Low. To form a water seal, begin by heating utensil on medium heat with cover in place. When vapo valve clicks reduce heat to the lowest temperature setting. You know the water seal has been formed when the vapo valve stops clicking and the lid will spin easily if the knob is turned.


Fruits & Vegetables: Start in a cold pan

Select the ‘right sized’ vessel (2/3 full)

Watch for food particles preventing seal

Create a water seal by putting a few T. of water on top of the lid, and spin the lid.

Many vegetables may be cooked in the same pan.

Watch for tilted burners- these can cause all condensation necessary to activate seal to run to one side, preventing a proper vacuum.

Cook more temperature sensitive vegetables on top of more hearty vegetables. Example: Cook broccoli on top of carrots.
You may consider “rinsing and draining all foods for your first few meals, or adding a few tablespoons of water to the pan until you find the true mediums and lows on your stove.

Potatoes, Yams, Turnips and other Starchy Vegetables:
These vegetables should be well rinsed and drained. This leaves tiny water droplets on the surface of the vegetable which aids in activating the vapo-valve.

Suggested cuts: #3 & #5 cones

“Encapsulated” or Dry Vegetables:
Some vegetables will not release sufficient moisture to activate the vapo-valve.  Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Brussels sprouts: 

Rinse and drain. Start at medium heat, and then reduce to low when vapo-valve clicks steadily.

Corn on the Cob: Husk corn, Rinse husks under the tap then place like a bed in the bottom of cold roaster. Start on medium heat, when vapo-valve begins to click turn temperature setting to low for 12 minutes.

Vegetables  Cooking Time

Asparagus   5-7 minutes
Arugula   2-3 minutes
Artichoke  30-35 minutes
Beans, green  8-10 minutes
Beans, lima     15 minutes
Beets        35-40 minutes
Bitter Melon   8-10 minutes
Bok Choy       15 minutes
Broccoli & Broccolini    5-7 minutes
Broccoli Romanesco 9-10 minutes
Brussels Sprouts     9-10 minutes
Cabbage, cut   4-6 minutes
Cabbage, Chinese/ Napa 10 minutes
Carrots, sliced     9-10 minutes
Cauliflower       6-8 minutes
Celeriac      20-30 minutes
Celery       2-3 minutes
Chard    8-10 minutes
Chicory 8 minutes
Collards 15 minutes
Corn, Frozen    1-2 minutes
Corn-on –the cob   10-12 minutes
Daikon  8 minutes
Edamame whole in pod  10-15 minutes
Eggplant / Aubergine 15-20 minutes
Fennel bulb sliced    8-10 minutes
Jerusalem Artichoke   20-25 minutes
Kabocha  diced 10-15 minutes
Kale        10-12 minutes
Kohlrabi diced    8-10 minutes
Leeks       8-10 minutes
Mushrooms 2-3 minutes
Okra whole    6-8 minutes
Onions, sliced   8-10 minutes
Parsnips   8-10 minutes
Peas fresh or frozen   2-3 minutes
Peppers      3-4 minutes
Potatoes whole   20-25 minutes
Potatoes fingerling   15 minutes
Potatoes, cut  15 minutes
Pumpkins   25- 30 minutes
Rhubarb  15-20  minutes
Shallots   2-3 minutes
Snow Peas   2-3 minutes
Spinach     2-3 minutes
Squash summer sliced   4-6 minutes
Squash winter diced   10-15 minutes
Sweet potato  15-20 minutes
Taro      20 minutes
Tomatoes    2-3 minutes
Turnips   8-10 minutes
Yams     10-15 minutes
Zucchini squash, sliced/courgette 4-6 minutes

Apple Sauce


4 - 5

large baking apples, strung, use Cone #2 (optional: peel apples)

cinnamon, to taste (optional)


  1. Using the Saladmaster Machine, cut apples directly into roaster. Sprinkle with cinnamon, to taste, if desired.

  2. Cover and place roaster on medium heat. When Vapo-Valve™ clicks, reduce to low and cook for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

  3. Apples are ready when tender enough to mash with a fork. Mash to desired texture.

  4. Let cool. Refrigerate. Enjoy!

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