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Saladmaster can be used on all stove tops:


Electric Stove-top


Camp Fire

Range-top temperature settings
Due to the quality construction of your utensils, low to medium heat settings are recommended for most cooking needs. Higher heat settings should be used only when necessary, such as when bringing a quantity of liquid to a boil or searing meats- Its OK to use high heat but most often its not necessary.

When using an electric range, the diameter of the range heat element should be similar to the utensil.

When using a gas range, adjust the flame so it does not extend up and around the sides of the utensil.

Most gas ranges have a power burner and less butane burners.

If the valve wont stop clicking move the vessel to a smaller burner.

It is important to remember that a learning curve is normal and expected while adjusting to the new cooking method. Every burner and every stove have a different temperature at medium and low. A little bit of experimenting is required to find the ‘true’ medium and low settings on each burner.  Expect to burn or scorch a few meals while adjusting- the best part is thanks to Saladmaster’s vacuum cooking method you will not transfer the burnt flavor into the rest of the meal! In the event that something does burn that indicates that the medium setting was too high. Simply reduce it for next time. Adding a few tablespoons of water inside the pan before adding your foods will help you with the learning curve.


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