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How to Use the MP5- Crockpot for Slow Cooking

The Saladmaster Multipurpose 5 Qt. Roaster has a self-contained “oil core” heating system requires no stove top and provides gentle, even heating up to 450°F (230°C).  This Saladmaster MP5 can function as a rice cooker, slow cooker, stockpot or portable oven.

Plus the Versa Touch™ electronic probe has an automatic shut-off timer so you can easily cook without pot watching or stirring.

Quick and easy: The Saladmaster MP5 Slow cooker makes cooking healthy meals simple.

You simply put the ingredients into the cooker and set it to the temperature desired, it then slowly cooks the meal – either on a low heat (which can take up to 7 hours) or  use medium click low (which is generally 1- 3 hours ).

Operating Instructions:


  1. Insert automatic heat control into appliance.  Plug into electric outlet.  As soon as the appliance is plugged in, a red signal light will appear on the right side of the display.  CAUTION: Always operate appliance at least 4” (10 cm) from wall.

  2. To set the desired temperature, press and release the temperature key (the default temperature will flash) then press the up or down arrow until the desired temperature appears on the display.  To select the default temperature of 150°F (65 °C), press the temperature key a second time.  If no temperature is set, the display will flash for 2 minutes and automatically shut off.  Pulsing the up or down arrow will adjust the temperature by 5-degree increments; pressing and holding the key will adjust it by 25-dergree increments (10-degrees in Celsius). As the appliance preheats to desired temperature, the signal light (red light on left side of digital display) will blink on and off.  Always preheat appliance (4 to 6 minutes), unless recipe states to start with it cold.

  3. Add food when the signal light stops blinking, indicating that the cooking temperature has been reached.  Heat may be increased or decreased by depressing the up or down arrow, depending upon the type or amount of food being prepared.  The signal light will cycle on and off during cooking to indicate that the proper temperature is being maintained.

  4. After the food is placed in the appliance, set the cooking time if desired.  Press and release the time key.  The display will flash “00:00.” Press the up or down arrows until the desired length of time is set (maximum is 12 hours).  If no time is set, the heat control will operate at the preset temperature until the off button is pressed.  Pulsing the key will adjust the time by 1-minute increments; pressing and holding either key will adjust the time by 10-minute increments.  The time will automatically count down and the remaining time will be displayed unless the temperature key is pressed.  The temperature or time can be changed or displayed anytime during cooking by simply repeating the steps detailed above.

  5. When cooking is complete, and the time setting has not been used, press the off button.  The temperature and time settings will be cancelled.

  6. Pressing and holding both temperature reading between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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